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Cm 690 ii advance connection to ocz 700MXSP

cm 690 ii advance
ocz 700mxsp
asus p7p55d-e pro

Please help - first build, got just about everything connected, but I can't figure out what to do with one cable coming from the front panel of the case. It is the 4 pin peripheral connector with the red, black, black and yellow wires. I have a modular 6 pin (only has wires in 4) power cable that came with the PSU that fits it, but does it need to be connected? The best I can tell is it has something to do with fans, but I have the three case fans connected already to the mobo at the three little 3 pin connections on the board. Do I need to connect this guy, and if so, does it go to the power supply with the 6 pin cable from the psu?

Pardon my ignorance.
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    that sounds like the 'old' standard molex connector used for drives and fans so its possibly for the front fan. Plug it into the simular version connector on the power supply if you have one. My CM case's front fan was a 4 pin plugged into a molex adapter so I just unplugged the adapter and then plugged the 4 pin fan connector to the front

    Of course it could also be power for the top mount external drive dock. Again plug it into a molex connector from the power supply.

    If you only have sata power available on your power supply and it did not come with an adapter - you can buy an adapter such as:
  2. Thanks, man. I had the front case fan already plugged into the mobo in the third CHA_FAN slot. So I am also thinking this is the power for the external drive dock. I can't believe how bad the manual is for the case... Anyway, powered it up and all three fans are running, so I think I'm good.
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