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Should I use my 60GB SSD for win7..?

Hey all,

I've started my new build tonight (I tested all my parts outside the case and took my old parts out of my case to reuse it) .

I plan to reuse my 60GB SSD from my last build, and was thinking about using it to put my Win 7 home premium 64 os on. The problem is that I didnt erase the files (game files, and steam) from the SSD before taking apart the computer( due to my ignorance of SSDs).

First, is it worth putting my Win7 os on it?
second, is there a way to erase the SSD right before I install win7?

Thanks for the help!!
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    Using an SSD for an OS install is always preferable to using an HDD as boot-up time will be faster.

    The Windows 7 Setup DVD is quite able to delete & create partitions (and format) prior to the actual Windows installation. All it needs is input from you via the keyboard, in response to the prompts and options that appear on screen.
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