Slight build problems

I am currently running
HD970 XFX Black edition
2x samsung spinpoint f3
1 into 80gb SSD
6gb corsair 1600 XMS3
ASUS P6X58D Premium LGA 1366 Intel X58

I have just finished building my computer and after a very solid build having a couple problems.

1, I installed my OS on my SSD Drive, soon after that i shut down my computer and added the 2 spinpoints. I went into to Bios of my motherboard and followed the directions in manuel about how to set to raid 0. I made the two spinpoints into a raid0 format, when i restarted the computer every one of my drives were in the raid configuration even thou i didnt select the ssd to be. I went back into the Intel raid configurer and deleted the volume. Now i cannot get the spinpoints to show up. Although in bios it says they are there. Anyone know how to get this setup going with an SSD for OS and others and the two Spinpoints in Raid0, any help would be appreciated.

2, My Corsair XMS 3 are coming up at 1066 ram when they are 1600.

3, The CD that came with my 5970 wont work in my DVD drive, even thou it read Windows cd, and motherboard CD.

These are the only problems with my build that i know of....Also if anyone has any extra settings in my bios i need to set for the SSD would be appreciated.
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  2. this might help found it on google
    sorry just noticed this is for a duel boot ststem fix
    this can be deleted

    There is no reason to RMA the SSD.

    I suspect, that the active partition with the bootloader is still within the RAID0 array.

    The configuration should be the following:

    The SSD should be connected with the first of the available SATA ports (port0 or port1).
    Before you are going to install Windows 7, you should unplug all other hdd's.
    Once Win7 is up, you can reconnect the RAID'ed hdd's to the next SATA ports.
    After having done that, you probably have to repair the Vista bootloader.
    It is possible, that Windows 7 will not see your RAID partitions and data at once. You can repair this by opening the "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" section of the Win7 Device Manager and replacing the listed "Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controllers", where the RAID'ed hdd's are connected, by the "NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controllers". Just do a right click onto them, use the "Update driver software" option and let the Device Manager show the compatible devices. Then choose the NVIDIA one.
  3. Then when all that's working, go online and download the 5970 drivers.

    Oh ...
    Make sure you install firewall and anti-virus software before you go online the first time.
  4. I have XFX edition with Overvolt tool, dont i need that tool so i can use the factory overclock?

    Also, the ram i have isnt on QTY, should i manually change timings or just get RAM on QTY?
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