Fan making loud noise.

Hello there, recently I have heard a loud humming type noise from my computer which I bought from cyberpower over a little year now. This humming noise stays and goes. At time I hear it from 5mins+ then it goes away for a while and then comes back. It sounds like it's coming from the back fan of the computer but I am not entirely sure as it could be coming from somewhere else.

Can I open the case while the computer is running to see what the problem is and where it exactly is coming from? If I can do this without harm, should I turn the computer off, remove the side lid and then turn the computer on or can I just take it off?

Also, if it is the fan, what could be causing the fan to make the noise?

Help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. I think it is the bearings, buy a new one.

    Take the side panel off the case, discover what fan is making the noise, and unplug it, if it is the CPU's fan, you will have to buy a new one, or stick it.

    Yes you can open the computer without doing any harm, but watch out. Like dont let anything hit the mobo, etc.
  2. You can isolate which fan it is and simply push on the hub to reseat the bearing.In some cases you can peel the sticker/remove a rubber cap and oil the bearing with machine oil.
  3. Just buy a new fan and replace it. There's no point of repairing it.
  4. Is it happening when PC is under load, or just random times?
    It may be when the CPU fan is automatically speeding up. There may also be a lot of dust which make the fans make more noise.
  5. If it is when under load, what are the CPU temp (load and idle)?
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