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i have a hp pavillion a6110n with Asus M2N68-LA motherboard ive had this computer for 3 years now and always thought i had just 1gb ram as i always see it when i check the task manager. so i decided to buy a 2gb ram that was recommended by opened up my cpu and found out that each ram stick that i had was 2x(1GBRAM) so i figured one of the ram slots wasnt working after a few trials i spotted the none working ram slot. i installed my new 2gb ram with the 1gb and my computer read it when i press f10 during startup and check the bios and all that it says i have 3gb of ram installed but when i get to my desktop and check task manager and dxdiag and all that it says i have just 1gb i took out my 1gb ram and left the 2gb ram in there and it still gave me 1gb ram according to when it scans my system it detects i have 2gb ram but my computer info says otherwise so i decided to put back the other ram i had and this is a new screenshot i took this morning after updating my computer to service pack 1. i have tried changing the msconfig-boot-advanced info- then changing the max ram from 1024 to 3072 but it changes back to 1024 please help. i included screenshot of my system info and the computer info to show you what i mean

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  1. check your resource monitor. Make sure you don't have any hardware-reserved memory (like integraged video).
  2. Your Memory information is properly displayed in BIOS. Confirm by checking at BIOS.
  3. i fixed the problem set factory settings to computer and it seemed to do the magic thanxx for help. problem solved.
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