Xfire 5770 setup issue.

Hey guys, this is my first time xfiring. I just set them up.

They both show up in my device manager, says both are working, both drivers up to date. I enabled xfire in catalyst controls, but catalyst doesnt seem to see the other one, and it doesn't seem to be boosting my fps at all.

Using vista x64

Edit : i just found out that they do both show up in the Graphics hardware under graphics in catalyst though. But when I go into ati overdrive its only showing 1 gpu.
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  1. gigabyte x58

    6 gigz 1600 mhz

    i7 2.67

    2 x 5770 xfx

    vista x64

    750w psu
  2. Give the guy some help, I want to Xfire 2 5770 later this year.
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