Upgrade my Graphics Card?

Hello, I am thinking about upgrading my computers Graphics Card. Here are some system specs. [General Information] [Graphics Specs] [Monitor Specs]

This is my first and main computer (for gaming, browsing, and word processing) and would like to play Starcraft II, Dragon Age Origins, and Fallout 3 on it with medium-high settings. As it is now, only low settings is possible.

Will upgrading my Graphics Card let me play those games on medium-high?


I have a budget of 100-125 dollars to buy a new Graphics Card. I would like to buy one, but I do not know what sort of card is compatible. Here's an article on Graphics Card compatability.

Honestly I am clueless as to what they are talking about. I hope the information I have provided will get you to a better conclusion than I.

Thank you so much for reading. I look forwards to your replies!
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  1. which motherboard do you own, and what CPU? What Power Supply? From some of the info you have a Pci-E 16 slot on the motherboard, so knowing the other info we can give a well rounded answer to the question, but if you are running a crappy PSU then that will need to be changed, as most newer video cards require more power and the specific plugs to power them, CPU to tell you what you might expect as a bottleneck, so we can save you money, at the native resolution of your monitor (1600 x 900) all newer videocards will fly at that resolution with graphics from mid high to high depending on exact card and game playing.
  2. Hello rattman169, thank you for your reply!

    To be honest, it was a HUGE relief to see your reply, especially the parts about saving money and the resolution's effects. Sorry, I had to let that out, haha.

    Anyways, first thing is first. Here's some of the information you requested. [Motherboard Specs]

    The powersupply is a desktop, but the specifics I really don't know. I'm looking online now, and it says to check inside the case. I'll read up about it some more (especially the safety precautions) before proceeding and post up what I find.

    Looking forwards to hearing your replies!
  3. if you have a crappy power supply(350watt no name) like i did you should try this for a video card

    its actually pretty good and i was able to play starcraft 2 beta on high settings with it
  4. im guessing you have a HP or DELL desktop with the standard 300w PSU.

    look into the following cards PCI-E 2.0 cards (avoid the 2.1), they will all run on a 300w PSU.

    ATI 4670 - good
    Nvidia GT240 - better
    ATI 5670 - best
  5. Just gave my computer a thurough look. There isn't any listed PSU information from the looks of it unless opened further; which as an amature, I can't risk.

    It's a relatively good computer which I got from my local computer shop in November of last year, plus i'm on a "bargain budget" compared to the 600-800 dollar cards i've seen, so PSU shouldn't be a huge issue.

    Looking forwards to your replies!
  6. you bought your PC from a shop?
  7. Just saw your messages, one moment i'll give them a look over. [holding post]
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone, the diversity and good quality of your opinions has helped out alot!

    The 4670 Radeon looks sweet, plus it's only 69.99$, but I see that 5670 at 87.99$ which is only a 20 dollar bump for a higher number series (i'm not sure if higher is better, but I assume so comparing it to mine.)


    And yeah I got it from a computer repair shop that has helped alot in the past. They let me trade in my old computer and gave me a huge discount on this one @ 350$.

    Uh oh.. was that a good or bad decision?

    Looking forwards to hearing from you guys, TomsHardware has really great community!

    EDIT: Oh also, my computer maker is a "Antec" on the case, but after all it was from a computer shop, so who knows where all the parts came from; but a 300 PSU sounds like a reasonable number.
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    antec makes/sells computer cases, fans, and PSU (among some other PC parts) so it's not really your computer brand. just your case manufacturer, the good news is they make very good cases.

    unlike mass PC sellers, like DELL, HP, Acer, etc., that give you list and warranty of what comes inside; a PC shop can just scrape up a bunch of old used parts together. Sounds like you used them in the past so that should be good news.
  10. For sure! I think they might of cheated me a little bit on the graphics card though, it's the same one from my old computer, haha. But all in all, it was a great deal, after all that computer was 4-5 years old by that point.

    Thank you all for your help, I really appreciate it and love the TomsHardware Community!
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