Asus m4a77td 8gb memory or 12gb

I have 2x2GB ddr3 memory installed in my computer right now. I just bought 2x4GB memory today and I was wondering if it would be better to have a total of 12GB of memory or to run 8GBs of memory in dual channel. Which will give me more performance. The board has a total of 4 ram slots available.

My current Board is
Asus m4a77td

The 4 Gb ram 2x2 gb sticks

The 8GB ram 2x4 gb sticks
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  1. I would run just the 8GB set and use the 4GB, as a backup plan. '

    Typically, I don't recommend mixing RAM sticks to help prevent BSOD. Your two different RAMs have different timings (CAS Latency) and Voltage requirements. This doesn't make for a good comparing together!
  2. thanks for the quick reply. just put in the 8gb set just now and my new graphics card. time to start streaming
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