Brand New 2Tb Drive Defective?

Hi. I just bought a Seagate 2Tb Barracuda. However, when formatting under Windows XP 64 (latest Service Pack), the last 900Gb shows up faulty. The OS lives in the Primary Partition and I have an extended partition, where the errors occur.

On a whim, I tried completely formatting the drive by installing Win7 64, and it appears just fine. No bad sectors - the whole thing appears usable. I can't tell under Win7 if it was partitioned as MBR or GPT.

Why would this happen? I'm aware of the 2Tb limitation under MBR, but this drive does not exceed that.

A separate issue is that I need this drive to be partitioned under MBR.
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  1. Your Windows XP drivers appear to have a 1TiB limitation. Update the SATA driver (NVIDIA? Intel RST?) and all should be OK.
  2. Ok, thanks! :)
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