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I'm upgrading my computer, replacing a Phenom 9600 Quad Core and GTS 250. I want to upgrade to an i7 but that means I have to replace my motherboard. I need some advice on what parts to go with.


Graphics Card: GTX 470 or 5870?


I'm torn on whether I should replace my power supply or not. Currently I have a 650 watt PSU.

Do those look like good options to go with? Would I need additional cooling or anything like that?
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  1. Have a look at the sticky at the top of the board, the one that says read first.

    Look at the links inside, especially the one that says how to ask for advice... you give us more info and then we can give better advice.
  2. ^+1 Read it first.

    but I am gonna comment this thread anyway.
    1. Mobo is OK
    2. RAM is Ok
    3. Hmmm...Here where I live GTX470 is a lot cheaper than HD5870, so, I would say go for GTX470.
    4. PSU is enough for 1 GTX470. But if you are planning to X-Fire, that won't be enough.
    5. Additional cooling for proc is only necessary for OC, if not, you don't have to buy one.

    BTW : Which i7 are you looking at?
  3. Sorry about that guys, I didn't see the sticky inside Homebuilt. Thank you for being patient.

    guanyu I was going to get an i7-930. Someone was going to be able to get one for me for $200.


    BUDGET RANGE: (e.g.: 500-600) Before / After Rebates


    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: (Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Soundcard, Case)


    COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: (United States)

    PARTS PREFERENCES: by brand or type (No preference)



    MONITOR RESOLUTION: (e.g.:1680x1050 )

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: (I know my budget is small so I know I might need to purchase the parts as I have the money. The graphics card would probably be the last to be purchased as the processor, ram, and motherboard depend on each other.)
  4. USD500-600...
    You have already the proc (from someone), monitor, case, keyboard, mouse, soundcard (not needed anyway), which means you will need....
    1366 mobo, 6GB DDR3 RAM, PSU, Speakers, HDD, Win7 (let say home premium), and a GTX470....
    HD5870 is definitely out of the game..
    So Everything you don't have for USD500-600??

    Now I am confused!
    What can you postpone to buy?
    1. Do you have an old PCIex16 GPU with you?
    2. Vista or XP?
    3. Speakers?
    4. How about your old PSU?
    5. How is your old HDD?

    More to control :
    1. What kinda pc case do you have?
  5. I think he has no total budget, but is buying in parts as he can.
  6. if you are gaming, and not going for any other processor heavy tasks i would HIGHLY recommend going LGA1156 and a core i5 750. the reasons have been done to death, but i can explain if you would like.

    as for the GPU, i would avoid the 470/480, they are hot and power hungry. not very popular cards.

    the 5850 and GTX 460 are the two best value cards on the market. the 460 is especially good if you can later SLI a second (5970 performance, for half the cost).

    if you only want one card, with no intention of adding a second, i'd get the 5850. only 10 percent slower than a 5870 but 30 percent cheaper.
  7. I have around $500-$600 I can spend right now. I want to replace the processor but to do that I have to replace the motherboard. I also want to replace the graphics card. Other than that everything is fine except the RAM as I need to switch from DDR2+.

    It would probably be better just to wait on the graphics card, spend the $600 that I have right now on a nice motherboard and CPU.

    Trying to decide if I should go with an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T or i7-930 and which motherboard to pair it with. Also down the line which graphics card I should go with, GTX 470 or HD5870?

    Unless the "Bill Me Later" feature on NewEgg is legit. Then I might be able to get everything right now.
  8. again, for gaming performance the i5 750 is the winner. GPU wise the 5870 is over priced for the performance it offers. the 470 is better value, but it consumes lots of power and puts out lots of heat.

    the 5850 makes a great choice for single card, or SLId 460's for a dual card setup offering outstanding value.

    the hex cores are great processors, but the extra cores will be unused in the majority of games to come for a few years.
  9. The reason I was going to go with the i7 is because of the hype and Final Fantasy XIV's system suggestion. It has the i7 listed but I imagine an i5 will work just as well, eh?
  10. Yes, the i5 will work just as well. If you go i7 you are going to spend $150 to 200 more on CPU/mobo/RAM, and for gaming that should go into GPU.

    How old is your PSU? They lose power when they get older, and you may need a new one.

    What case do you have? That may limit the GPU card since some are very big.
  11. I recommend also goin' i5 750 for Intel or X4 965 for AMD, or if you like 6 cores then X6 1055T.
    You can find cheaper mobos for 1156 or AM3.
    Mobos for 1366 are still too expensive for your budget.
    Yup...eloric is correct, how is your PSU (brand, type, power ratings, how old) , and what is your case (brand, type)?
  12. Probably, however if you can get the CPU for $200 it's really not that expensive.

    This ASRock board is only 20 bucks more than a similar P55 board, and has plenty of features

    $540 total seems good to me, drop in a GTX 460 1GB later and add a second after that...

    But you need a good PSU also

    So the only major difference in expense is the extra RAM to use triple-channel.
    At $160 this Mushkin Blackline seems a good deal tonight.
  13. The PSU is a CoolMax NW-650B and is around a year old. The case is a Gateway FX 7020 case. (7.2 inches wide, 16.1 inches deep, 15.6 inches tall)

    How does this RAM look and will it work with an i5?
  14. Ah no. Coolmax rarely sells anything but overrated junk. A couple decent high end units.

    Here is an example of coolmax quality:

    If you would like to learn more about what makes a good PSU read the PSU guide in my sig. Never go by newegg user reviews for PSUs or motherboards.

    Your case is somewhat narrow and will not accommodate larger air coolers. it is also micro ATX and so you would need to get an mATX board. It will also not accommodate longer video cards.
  15. No that is overpriced memory that is triple-channel, for LGA 1366 boards.

    If you get an i5 you will be using an LGA 1156 board that takes RAM in pairs, not threes.
  16. Is the GTS 250 similar in length as newer cards? I believe it's around 9 inches and I think I have quite a bit of room left. Think I'll be okay?

    Hmmm, do they make decent mATX boards?
  17. No, that RAM will not work with the i5-750 because it is a Tri-Channel kit. Tri-channel RAM is suited for i7 based processors whilst dual-channel I recommend these ones:

    They have low voltages and great timings.
  18. Yes I think the GTS 250 is OK.

    And yes many good mATX boards of all types.
  19. Proximon said:
    Yes I think the GTS 250 is OK.

    And yes many good mATX boards of all types.

    Well, I meant if I could fit the GTS 250 in with plenty of room to spare, will I be okay with newer cards?
  20. No card that hangs over the edge of the board will fit in there. GTX 460 I think may work, at least some of them. 5850, GTX 470 or larger, no.
  21. Hmmm. And you recommended the 460 earlier right? Pretty good card?

    By the way, thank you for your patience.
  22. the 460 is one of the best cards on the market. IF it will fit in the case, then its an excellent choice.
  23. So, i5-760, Mushkin Blackline 6 GB RAM, GTX 460. Now I just need to decide on a good motherboard to pair the i5 with.
  24. Is there a major difference between the 750 and 760? The 760 is just a few dollars more.
  25. the 760 just has a slightly higher stock clock. if you intend to OC (which you should, given the excellent headroom on these chips) then a 750 would suffice, and likely hit the same top speed.
  26. And would you recommend any sort of different cooling or would the stock fan be fine? Does the CPU come with thermal paste?
  27. i would recommend getting a cheap HSF like the hyper 212+. then you can OC somewhere nearer 4ghz.
  28. Awesome. I've added that to my wishlist. I'll probably order all this tomorrow. The fan pretty easy to attach? Motherboard simple to install as long as I follow the directions?
  29. See that sticky again for a full assembly tutorial ;)
  30. That should be easy then. By the way for future reference, what's the easiest way to determine if a video card can fit in a particular case? Just compare the measurements?
  31. fairly easy.

    and yes, just check the dimensions.
  32. Would the Hyper 212+ fit in such a case?
  33. the 212+ is a pretty big cooler. you'd not to check the dimensions of the case to be sure.

    if you are stuck in space then the scythe shuriken is a good choice. good cooling, quiet as hell (dead silent), and very low profile.
  34. Outer dimensions of the case show it to be 7.2" wide.... subtract 1.2" for the sides and MB and CPU....

    Hyper 212 is 6.2" tall according to Amazon. Probably not.
  35. Switched to the shuriken. So tempted to get a 5850 or a GTX 465.
  36. dont get a 465, its awful. worse than a 460. )performance about equal, but loud hot and noisy)

    the 5850 is nice though. depends if you want to spend a bit extra cash for a little bit more performance though.
  37. Well if I could, I'd get the 470. But I'm reading it runs hot and I don't think I would have adequate cooling. Hmmm.
  38. Then get a GTX 460 1GB. It's short and guaranteed to fit in that case, and will not get too hot. Gigabyte makes a good one.
  39. That should be good.
  40. personally, i wouldn't pay 50 bucks extra just for an OC. I'd get a stock card and clock it myself.

    thats your choice though, either way you will be getting a solid card.
  41. I picked that one because it's what 3Dguru said was the best out of the different brands. However the said it was equal with this,
  42. I wouldn't bother with either. you can get a stock version for 200 bucks, OC yourself and get the same performance. even if you have never overclocked in your life, it will take only an hour or so to familiarize yourself with the procedure and attain your maximum clocks.
  43. So the 'Superclocked' ones are the ones that are pre-overclocked and the ones that don't say that are standard?
  44. yeah, lots of them will have minor boosts. basically look for one thats about 200 bucks and clock it yourself.

    unless you think the 50 bucks extra is fair for the pre-OCd cards.
  45. The motherboard supports SLI, and if you want to upgrade to i7 you can go core i7 860. That is a good, balanced build, with lots of potential for growth. Good luck.
  46. be careful with that $200 GTX460. It'll be the 768 MB version, which has fewer ROs and shaders. Its no slouch compared to the 1GB Model except at the very highest settings. Still it's less processing power for only a $30 difference. Go for the $230 1 GB model instead
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