Games keep freezing and crashing

Alright ever since I bought a 4650 to replace my old Nvidia Geforce 7900gs I get freezes and crashes in certain games. The two worst I can think of by far are Silent Storm (old RTT game from 2004) and Achtung Panzer: Kharkov which is a recent release. It happens occasionally in most of my games though, old and new. With those 2 though it's like every 30 minutes. Sometimes the "VPU recover" thing happens and I can get back in, other times I get a BSD.

I have used driver sweeper to clean out all the drivers, and have installed latest drivers.

As an aside, one person suggested I update PSU drivers (I also got a slightly more powerful PSU to support the 4650)... I didn't even know you could do this... could this be the issue? I have a Corsair PSU.

thanks for any help, this is really driving me crazy.

EDIT: I notice also I have Nvidia PhysX installed... is this causing a conflict? I can't remember which game, but one made me install that.
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  1. PSU drivers???

    i would uninstall the PhysX but the 7900gs uses more power then the 4650. you did not need to upgrade your PSU.
  2. PhysX shouldn't be an issue, some games use "passive" PhysX such as NFS: Shift and will not run without the drivers.
    It sounds to me like a video card memory issue. I've had the same thing happen after overclocking. In fact, just 10 minutes ago I dropped my GPU memory OC from 1200 to 1190 after Cryostasis and then Penumbra both froze/crashed.

    The thing is, you're probably on stock GPU settings, so you can try underclocking the GPU memory by 10mhz and see if that helps. Possibly giving it a little more voltage would help if that's possible (not all cards can be volt modded).

    Otherwise, if possible you should try to exchange it for a different card as it might be a bad one.

    Oh, well I guess it could also be motherboard incompatibility or something. Have you updated the mobo BIOS?
  3. How do I update the BIOS?

    I'll try the underclocking thing, thanks that's a good suggestion. I haven't been OCing it at all though so that's strange... I did a bit for the first 2 weeks but didn't notice much performance increase so I just put it back at default.

    How I would I go about underclocking it?

    thanks guys
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