Asrock 870 extreme3 boot problem

Hi guys,

I've put together a system for a friend, and it won't boot.

I'm getting post code 37 (Displaying sign-on message, CPU information, setup key message, and any OEM specific information.) and onscreen it displays 033 in the lower right corner.

I've been able to let it display the boot screen a couple of times, but it just freezes and I get post code 78(Initializes IPL devices controlled by bios and option rom.)

Could this be the ram memory? Cause only when I switched slots it got to the bootscreen.

athlon x4 965
radeon 6790
4 gb DDR3 ram
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  1. Yes it sounds like memory problems. If you switched slots and it booted then one stick must be bad. Have it checked or buy a new stick the same as the good one.
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