No video signal when PC Boots

My uncle's HP Pavilion S3123w Slimline PC is not receiving any video signal from the onboard graphics VGA port. I have tried it on 3 different monitors and all 3 get no signal.

I bought him a video card to put in his open PCI-E port but when I tried turning the PC with the new card installed the 2 monitors I tried did not get a signal either.

When you push the power button the computer sounds like it is going through the POST and that Windows is waiting for me to login. The hard drive isn't making any weird noises. The cooling fans all are working.

I am stumped for a solution. Any help would be appreciated.

I accidentally posted a similar question in the CPU & Components forum. Sorry about posting the same question twice.
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  1. mmmmm, something similar happened to when i put a 8800 ultra in my pc, i wasnt getting anything on the screen, then i opened the pc and realized that the little ping or little lever u push to get the videocard out of the pci-e x16 slot was pushed with the vid card inside, i just pulled it back to were it was supposed to be and problem fixed, you could try that
  2. I checked it out and the lever is where it should be...thanks for the tip. I may just tell my uncle to get a new PC because I think it is a motherboard problem.
  3. okay man, np
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