Asrock M3A770DE Memory Mixing possibility?

Hey guys,

I have an AsRock M3A770DE motherboard with 2x2GB Ram -> basically 2 of these

Can I add 4 more GB ram? (and does it have to be 2x2GB or can it be 1x4GB? Also, does it have to be the same exact RAM or can I buy different model of the RAM but same company?
I was looking at -> to add to my 2x2GB

So overall I would have 4x2GB RAM but 2 different models of 2. The Tracer (the one I want to buy) and the original BallistiX (the one I have) have the same exact cas latency, volts and timings. I was just worried if I had to have the same exact 2gb ram model
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  1. It is best to have a matched set of ram. But if the ram is compatitable with each other then it should not be a problem. I have mixed ram and no problems.
  2. You'll be fine with that mix, although as Al said, you should try and match if you can
  3. I would but the ones I have are $80 for 2x2gb and these were on sale so I wanted to get them :P

    Will I have to do any timing changes in the BIOS or will they work as soon as I put them in?
  4. if your ram settings are on auto then yes, bios will sort it all out to run at the speed of the slower rated sticks,
  5. Thanks moto :)
  6. Np man, glad to help
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