All USB ports broken, windows xp


I had a programme opened yesterday to test my webcam and all was working fine. I then unplugged the usb webcam and closed the programme and all the usbs stopped working.

My wireless internet is a USB stick and this doesn't work
My mouse is USB and this doesnt work
My printer is connected by USB and this also doesnt work

The computer doesnt seem to read that they are plugged in.

I tested another mouse and this doesnt work.

I cannot install any updates ect on the computer because I have to use the keyboad ti navigate around, without a mouse, and I also have no internet on the computer.

I have a:

Nvida GeForce FX 5500

Windows XP Home Edition 2002

1.00 GB of RAM

There are 2 USB slots on the front of the computer, and 4 on the back.

I have tried:

Unplugging them all and restarting the computer.
Uninstalling the USBs on Device Manager

The computer reinstalled them when I restarted the computer, but nothing happened.
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  1. it sounds like the usb controller on the motherboard has been damaged. You can replace the motherboard or install a USB card.

    If you go the add-in card route, get one that has a power molex connector on it. I have a suspicion that you overloaded the motherboard controllers.
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