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I wanted to connect my pc to my Samsung 50" plasma tv to play certain games(nfs shift, splinter cell conviction, etc) that I can play with an xbox 360 controller. I'm doing this mainly because when I used to game on consoles my wife would enjoy watching certain games with me, and it was fine with me cuz I didnt alienate her. So I recently hooked up my pc to my Samsung 50" plasma to show off some Crysis to my console friends and I was shocked with the poor picture quality in comparison to my monitor. Its a fairly new tv purchased in March and it has great picture quality and beautiful color saturation. I saw an instant upgrade in visual fidelity in comparison to my old hdtv when watching any movies or playing Ps3 games. However, my pc games looked horrible on it- I couldnt even see the real rays of sunlight in Crysis, and colors looked washed out in other games. My ps3 actually looked better than my pc and it just didnt make sense. I'm running a i5 750@4.0 ghz, 4 gig ram, and a 5870. Is there anything I could do/settings to change to optimize the tv? Thanks
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  1. Hey there,

    What resolution is your monitor?

    What resolution is your plasma?

    How have you connected your LCD monitor and plasma?-VGA, DVI or HDMI?
  2. I use both a PS3 and a PC to game on a 50" Pioneer plasma TV, and the picture looks stunning with both. I used HDMI cables to connect both the PS3 & PC to an AV receiver (for the 7.1 surround sound) and from the receiver to the TV, in "pass-through" mode which means the receiver doesn't do any scaling or other video signal processing. I have both the PS3 and PC set to 1080p resolution, 36 & 32-bit color mode respectively, and the TV set to "dot-by-dot" or also no scaling or processing, and the color/contrast/brightness set to the "game" input presets.
  3. 1080p monitor, 1080p plasma. I connect both through a hdmi cable-on the plasma i connect it to my receiver first. I'll try your settings fazers thanks to make sure no scaling is done
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