Front Panel Connections from an Old Case on a New Motherboard?!

Hey guys,
I just received my parts from newegg and I've got everything hooked up and put together except the power button/leds/etc. Only problem is my old case has labels and connections that don't match up with the motherboard manual. They are only slightly different but I'd rather not take a chance and fry anything.

This is what my motherboard looks like


2 10
. . . .
. . . . .

1 9

Power LED goes on 2 and 4, power switch on 6 and 8, no pin on #10.
HDD LED on 1 and 3, Reset Switch on 5 and 7, and 9 reserved.


2 8
. . . .
. . .
1 7

Speaker goes on 2 and 8, Buzzer on 4 and 6.
Ground on 1, Suspend LED on 3, Power LED on 5, no pin on 7.

This is what I have coming from my case:

| | | |
\ /

Power LED
| | |
\ /

| |
\ /

Reset SW
| |
\ /

Power SW
| |
\ /

I also have some wires with +D -D +5V x 2, Ground, and Ground Ground. I believe those are for USB though? My major problem is that I have a 3 hole connection for Power LED and the motherboard manual says it should be 2. Can I offset it to make the right most two go on the pins? Everything else matches up so should I just leave that unplugged and plug in everything else? Thanks guys!
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  1. Very common problem with fitting a new motherboard to an old case.

    What I do is to carefully break the power LED connector into two pieces along the empty middle hole, then carefully sand the broken edges down.

    And you are right about the "+D, -D, etc". It's an old style USB connector. Your motherboard manual will describe the USB connections.
  2. Do not worry about frying anything.

    Power and reset switches are momentary contact switched. They do not have any polarity, so they work properly regardless of which lead goes where.

    LED connections do have a polarity. There seems to be no standard on how to identify the plus lead. A small delta might indicate positive. The common collor might indicate ground. But, I have seen exceptions. Connect them up as best you can, and see if the led's light up properly. If they do not light up, reverse the leads. The amperage is so low that no harm will come from an incorrect connection.

    I can't speak to the speaker connection. It is not terribly important if you want to leave it off.
  3. I just ended up hiding the USB wires and didn't plug in the power LED. I don't really see why I even need it. My Mobo has diagnostic lights so I don't really need it.
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