Hard drive being accessed every 10 seconds.

Hi all,

For the last few days my computer has started accessing the harddrive for about 1 second every 10 seconds. I am constantly hearing the noise of it and it's starting to drive me nuts. I have not installed any new software, I've run virus and spyware scans which have come back clean, and I've disabled both the indexing and superfetch services with no success. I've tried turning off as many programs as possible to try to isolate it, but this keeps happening even before a user is logged into Windows after startup.

Does anyone know what might cause this? The noise is starting to become like Chinese water torture!

Thanks for any advice anyone may have!
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  1. It could be (and I stress could be, but might not be) a sign that the hard drive is on it's way out, so I would test it with diagnostic software to be certain one way or the other before looking elsewhere for the cause. If it passes all well and good, and at least you'll know that isn't the cause.

    You can't test the system hard drive properly with Windows-based software, so you'll need to use a version which runs from a bootable CD, such as SeaTools for DOS from here: http://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/seatools/

    Then use IMGBurn to create the CD from the SeaTools for DOS ISO file: http://www.filehippo.com/download_imgburn/
    Now boot the problem PC from that CD and SeaTools for DOS will open after a few minutes.
    Select the drive to be tested and test it with the Long/Extended test.
  2. Thanks so much for your helpful advice! I'll run these diagnostics and see what comes up.
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