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My nVidia Geforce 8800 GT 512MB recently died on me, so I went to best buy to pick up a replacement. I first bought a radeon HD 5750 as it got great reviews here, however after getting home I realized my PSU is only 375W so I returned it. I have a Dell XPS 420 which has a PSU rated for 375W but from what I have heard that is the average it can supply and can peak much higher so people recommended getting the 9800GT, which I did. After I got home I realized they had given me the crappier Energy Efficient version and not the full fledged one. So I guess I will be returning it as well since the 9800gtEE from PNY is worse than my 8800 GT was.

Any recommendations on what I should do PSU and Graphics card wise?

Thanks ahead of time for any information and tips.

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  1. Your Dell 375watt will run HD5750 or GTS250.
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    if you can power the 8800GT, you can power the ATI 5750. it uses less watts.

    P.S. newegg, tigerdirect, and amazon are all cheaper then best buy
  3. according to this

    a high end computer with Core i7 920 + Nvidia Geforce GTX 260

    has a maximum load of 371W under stress test(Furmark+ PRIME 95)

    a quality 500w PSU will do for you
    i suggest you get this psu

    received a very good review 9.7/10

    also this GFX is very attractive for the price

    according to this test

    seasonic s12ii 500w is the most efficient psu on its price range :)
  4. nice links raclimja....but what do they have to do with the ATI 5750? The Nvidia GTX260 uses almost twice as much power as the 5750.
  5. as long as your 5750 works

    you don't need to worry

    im 100% sure your computer wont even reach 200w(considering your not overclocking) under load

    your good to go :)
  6. AWESOME! I was worried about using that card because it needed 75 more Watts then my PSU had listed but you have put my fears at ease! I will grab a 5750 off one of the above linked sites and return this crappy energy efficient card.

    Thanks again for all the help!
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  8. I actually have one more question when I search for an HD5750 online there is tons of different brands that all seem to have different specs. I was looking at the first card here the XFX one. Can someone comment on if thats a good 5750 to get or if there is a better one? Really just looking for the best 5750 on the market.
  9. XFX has the best warranty on the North American market and that is good enough reason to buy their card. You just have to register within 30 days.
  10. xfx is a fine brand, get the 2.0 version of the card though.
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