Cannot access Iomega prestige external hard disk after system format

Hi everyone.. I am using iomega prestige portable hard drive superspeed USB 3.0. and it is encrypted( it will ask for password when we connect it to the laptop) and I am using HP pavilion DV6 6C65 laptop. The hard drive worked fine until yesterday. The laptop had some audio issue and I took it to HP service center and they formatted the laptop. Now when I connect the external hard drive to laptop, I can see the iomegaencryptionsetup.exe file, but when I open this file it is not asking me password, instead it is opening application settings window everytime. I have important data in it. Can anyone help me solving this issue. Thank you.
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  1. there is 2 way
    either using the file exe u mentioned
    or typing the passward
  2. thanks fo your reply.. yes, after opening the file it should ask the password.. But the problem is it is not asking the password, without entering password I cannot access the data. It is opening the application settings window everytime I open the file instead of asking me the password.
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