New MSI motherboard not recognizing old HD

I just recently rebuilt my computer. My computer would not function at all and it was pretty much efed.

I switched to a new MSI motherboard (had one before), new RAM, new processor, etc... From what I was reading, it sounded as if my Windows 7 based SATA HD would work fine with the new rig.

New comp built, plugged in old HD, and nothing. The BIOS can't find it. Windows install disk can't find it. Funny thing though, I put in the drivers disk for the MB and the boot up from the HD backup software can find it and back up using image files.

Any ideas?
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  1. try your old HDD in other PC
  2. Old PC was DOA. When I plugged it in after returning home from 2 weeks from vacation, it would not boot up at all. No BIOS, no Windows, nothing.

    Replaced the PSU, got power but nothing on the screen. Replaced graphics card (it was whistling really loud), nothing. Had to rebuild it all.

    What baffles me is that I can see what's on the HD when the HDDBackup software that came with the new MB runs in the boot up sequence. I can even back it up as image files. I just can't find it on the BIOS or when I run a boot up from the windows DVD. :fou:
  3. Sorry about this, in new mb when plug Ata hdd (old) automatic bios change this hdd firts. This is need to set manual in bios (new mb), from my exprerience, I have hdd sata(instlled fresh os) and hdd ata (backup) and succes boot , first go bios boot sellect priority first boot to sata (new hdd) and disabled old hdd , generally in bios just showed brand, size . But I don't know , this way can work for you or not !
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