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I'm building a Custom PC on and I am having a hard time deciding on the intel core i5(p55 chipset), i7(x58 chipset), or the AMD phenom series (quad or hex core). The PC will primarily be used for gaming and I was just looking for some insight.. I'm looking for something more than adequate, but not totally overkill as I would like to be able to put money elsewhere for better performance.

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  1. When it comes to price, AMD has better offering. Since you've decided on the nominees, what's the price range for each platform? And most importantly, what' your budget?
  2. I've got about 1300-1400 to spend.
  3. sahall91 said:
    I've got about 1300-1400 to spend.

    In US dollars? With that budget, choosing between Intel and AMD are a non-issue.

    The i7 is clearly more superior in terms of performance. But the Quad-core i5 will give you the extra budget for the other components. The Phenom Quad-core will give you even more spare budget for that matter. Gaming rarely requires more than 4 cores, so I don't think the Thuban will be a good option for your profile.

    Does that 1400 includes everything like, say, a 24" gaming monitor, accessories, etc? Also, are you planning on using dual GPU setup (crossfire or SLI)?
  4. 1400(USD) is just for the Tower, Since i wont be buying till march(ish) i was planning on the ATI 6000 series, i7 build would probably be single GPU but i5 or amd would be dual.
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    Good planning there. I see you're trying to be objective not to favor one side. Also a good thing.

    Well, here's what I think: If you choose the i7, go for the 69xx series. Since it's the top of the line latest AMD single GPU setup. With this in mind, opting the i5 or Phenom with dual GPU will instead be more expensive. You'll need a more powerful PSU with dual GPU power connector and a motherboard to support SLI/crossfire.

    Intel's platform is more flexible, since it supports both SLI and crossfire. AMD's support for SLI is decreasing for some reason. Unless you're only going for the AMD GPU, an i5 would be the better option.

    As I recall, someone in this forum said that gaming is 75% GPU dependant, I forgot who though. :P Logically, if you're only gaming, an i5 or Phenom would be more money wise. Focus more on the GPU, since it's the decisive factor.

    Good luck!
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  7. Thanks!!:)
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