Problem trying to Transfer space from one Partition to another

I have a shortage of space on my C Drive (Where Windows is)
I have an excess of space in my Game partition D (around 147GB spare)
Ive been trying to transfer 47GB from D to C
Ive heard that this is only possible if the two drives are adjacent to eachother
although C and D are
When the unallocated 47GB of "Free Space" shows up it is between D and E
And is thus NOT adjacent to C, and Windows doesnt allow me to Extend C Drive with the Free 47GB of space

Is there ANY way I can get around this problem ??
I tried mounting this 47GB within C Drive but that has its limitations

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  1. You can't do what you want to without some good software.

    Assuming you're using simpler tools like the good ones in Windows' Disk Management, you have two problems. First, when you shrink the D: drive to create 47 GB of Unallocated Space, it does that by clearing out and chopping off the LAST of the Partition, not the first. But even then, although Windows allows changing the size of Partitions (including shrinking and expanding) it generally will NOT do that on the "drive" (Partition) that contains the OS - that is, C:. This is one way it protects itself from disasters during tricky manipulations.

    Third party software (usually paid-for, not free) like Partition Magic can do this type of job for you. It has ways to move data round and create Unalloocated Space where needed, and it will expand the C: drive into adjacent Unallocated space, unlike Windows.
  2. Check out both Parted Magic and Partition Logic software. I've used them with success for exactly what you want to do.

    If you were able to back up your D drive elsewhere then you just need to delete that partition and the make your C larger. But it sounds like you can't use that method. Keep in mind that partitioning software usually suggest that you back up the drive just in case though.
  3. Traildriver is right - things CAN go wrong. So it's always best to make a reliable backup before starting on these projects.
  4. I dont have anything important on C or D
    I have the setups to all my games and a Win 7 Ultimate DVD handy
    But I DO have important data on the other 4 Drives - E, F, G, H
    Partition Magic wont effect those yes ?
  5. Where are the other 4 drives?

    If all these "drives" are Partitions on one HDD unit, then you REALLY should back up all of them. Software to manipulate Partitions on a drive should only work on ONE drive at a time, so Partitions on physically separate HDD units ought to be safe. (To be sure, you could simply disconnect those separate drives when working, and not worry!) BUT any Partition on the HDD you are manipulating could be affected and is at risk, so back it up - ALL the Partitions on that HDD unit - before doing anything else.
  6. Well theyve got my Photos and Archives and Work Data
    Things I cant afford to lose
    So yea Ill back them up
    And does Partition Magic work with 64Bit Win 7 ? Because I got a message saying that its not for my version of windows ?
  7. Quote:
    I have a shortage of space on my C Drive (Where Windows is)
    I have an excess of space in my Game partition D (around 147GB spare)
    Ive been trying to transfer 47GB from D to C

    I personally do not believe that this can be accomplished. Reading your post, you are attempting to transfer *unused* space from one drive to a drive that no longer has available space.

    It would be in your best interest to purchase or obtain a larger drive to be used as your system drive i.e. 320GB to 500GB and then transfer your system OS to this new drive via some sort of readily available software online - I'm partial to Paragon Hard Disk Manager or any of the other Backup utilities will suffice.

    As for shrinking hdd space, this can be accomplished on the system drive as long as there is available space to do so from within Windows7
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