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Hey guys i have an old office pc and i want to ask you what should i do should i upgrade it or buy a new one
It has an AMD XP1900+ an Nvidia GeForce4 mx440 (i think thats the model) the hdd is 200 gigs and i resurrected it with 1 gig ram DDR1 ofcourse as the previous was 256 mb
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  1. If your intended usage is to surf the internet and IM/email then yeah.

    If your intent is video/photo editing or gaming, then no.

    Your budget also comes into play, but more importantly, your intended use.
  2. just internet and movies
  3. When you say movies, are we talking like Netflix streaming video? If thats the case, your internet speed is going to be the deciding factor on the performance, rather than the actual computer, as it is a browser based video feed.

    I think your current computer is probably just fine for your needs.
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