Can not use my HDD's with other computers


Please help , I recently decided to build a new computer , Ive replaced everything apart from my HDD'S but i cant get windows to boot (it blue screens and reboots) or access my media drive now , its like there only assigned to my old computer ?

I also have another computer in the house so i tried the drives in there too and get the same problem , Ive also tried hooking them up to USB caddys and still cant get access ?

When i look in disk manager i can see the drive but it says its not initialized, Theres alot of important stuff on both my old windows drive and my media drive , is there anyway i can access them with another computer ?

Im using windows 7

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  1. If you migrated the hard drive from an old PC into your new build, and that drive already has Windows on it from another PC, that's the cause of your problem.

    Windows won't tolerate being "moved" from one PC to another PC which has different on-board hardware. After you migrate a drive under those circumstances, you have to re-format it and re-install Windows on it from the Windows installation media.
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