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Hey All,

I've been having an issue of late with my Netgear DG384G modem (firmware "V5.01.09"), just recently its started locking up on what seems to be the hub connection. Originally i thought it might have been a bad network card, or cable, but through the process of elimination i found that it just seems to hard lock on the hub and doesnt transmit or receive via the cable connection. i checked my laptop and since its wireless was able to connect to the web and surf without issue, however my personal computer which is the only one wired to it couldnt.

A Reboot of the modem fixes this, but it seems to occur every 8hrs or so and is quiet annoying.

I recently upgraded my personal computer to windows 7 home 64 bit and originally thought this too might be the issue, however i have been using it with no issue for several days and the modems issue only started a day ago. Ive updated my own personal computer NiC drivers but to no avail.

Im wondering if this is just a sign of dying old modem (since its 3+years on) and i should go get a replacement, or if this is a known or seen issue others have had and related to something else, and requires a firmware-update / patch. Im just wondering if theres anything i can do before having to get a replacement.

Thank you all in advance
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  1. If no help here I think I would post it on user forum at
  2. Updating the Firmware seems to have fixed it.
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