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Hey all.

Have been trawling through the forums, charts and reviews of here and have decided to upgrade my machine from new. (been told to post this in here aswell)

Been asking questions, but just need a little advice, nudge or slap with a suggestion to the motherbaord at around the £100, which would serve better as a gaming board and better for overclocking OR longtivity (More suitable to upgrades in the long term future)

The above will be used with:

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
4gb GSkill Ripjaw PC3-12800C8 1600Mhz
Palit 470GTX 1280GB DDR5 GPU (already bought)

Ive had all my other systems at AMD hense why i have the AMD CPU and MB in mind, but Intel seem to be alot more in price for the same performance range..

My Whole system i need is to be no more then £500 MAX which only includes:

CPU and CPU Cooler
Hard Drive (1tb only)

Any Advice is much much appreciated
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  1. there are some ~100 amd mobos out there, almost all are decent overclockers. look for 870/880/890 chipset. since u cant go sli on amd board, u should maybe look for some nvidia based mobo, but i dont thing there are any for ddr3.
  2. What you mean you "Cant" Sli? Physically impossible or i have the wrong GPU for it? I would like to Sli eventually (or the eqivilent to running 2x GTX 470's)
  3. Go with Intel if you wanna SLI. AMD boards (basically Xfire only) don't really allow you that luxury.

    The only way you can SLI is with hacked drivers. The problem is, that these drivers have numerous issues, and are built from earlier driver revisions. Hence they mostly don't have the newer bug fixes and optimizations.
  4. Oh, as a general questions, whats the 2nd PCI-E Slot for then? What use does it have?
  5. Xfire with two ATI cards. SLI is Nvidia's tech. Xfire is ATI.

    Last post : "AMD boards (basically Xfire only)"
  6. Ahhhh i see, i though Sli was all ranged for both, rather than a Nvidia thing..
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