Can single motherboard hold different RAM slots

Can a motherboard hold different types of RAM slots like DDR1, DDR2 and SDRAM? Will it work properly with different type of RAMs.
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  1. Don't think so. Maybe someone else know otherwise.
  2. There are mobo with both ddr and ddr2 slot but I am not sure if you can mix them up. Search through the forum, I am sure someone already asked that question before. Also those board are quite hard to find.
  3. Some motherboards support different RAM types, either through a Riser Card (Asus P3C-E has this, Supported RDRAM and PC-133, RD-800 RAM with a P-III tualatin proc was fun times, lol) or separate DIMM slots (I've seen quite a few interesting boards with this, especially when a new RAM type is being introduced to the market). I have not seen an actual motherboard/chipset which supports simultaneous DDR1/DDR2/DDR3/etc. memory operation, I've personally only seen either/or operation, however, this doesn't mean it does not exist though.
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