Does this work with GPU's?

Would this work with my 8600GT to apply the replacement fan and heatsink? XFX cheap selves didn't even include a small container of 2$ thermal compound.
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  1. It would. Its not the best stuff out there but it should work.
  2. OK, I don't want to use Artic Silver 5 as I fear that I would mess up and everything would short circuit.
  3. There are other non conductive pastes. Check out the Tuniq series. MX-3 I think is the newest. I don't believe they are conductive.

    Here's linkage.

    The TX2 says its not electrically conductive, the TX3 doesn't say that. Not sure if it is or isn't. Lots of people like the OCZ freeze as well. I've never used it however so I can't say one way or another. Freeze and TX2 or TX3 are usually suggested around here.

    Edited to add link.
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