guys i need help i oc my cpu from 2.4 to 3ghz and it starts but there s no visual :sweat:
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  1. /facepalm.

    for starters, clear CMOS to remove the OC settings. next, don't try overclocking. you obviously have no idea what you are doing, and that's how people break stuff.
  2. how do i do that
  3. on the motherboard is small coin-sized battery. remove it, wait 5 minutes, then put it back in and re-boot the system. the BIOS settings will have returned to default, and the system should boot.

    and don't attempt OCing again til you have read some guides and know what you are doing.
  4. i cant remove it something else
  5. what?

    you need to remove it, otherwise you cant use your pc.

    i'm sure removing a battery is not beyond you.
  6. its like bolted there
    aah *** this im taking it mo my local pc repair center tomorrow
  7. Removing the battery shouldn't be that hard, but you can also
    find your mobo manual!
    There should be another switch or jumper to reset your mobo.
    Try to find this out on the mobo lay out picture.
  8. its not bolted, there a little metal prong holding it in place. push it, and the battery falls out.
  9. i broke a nail and im a guy :(
  10. how?

    theres a little metal prong. just put a screwdriver into it with a little pressure and it will pop right out. really, its not difficult.
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