Intermittent SSD connection?

ASUS P8Z77-V Pro
Intel Core i5 3570K Quad Core
ADATA SX900 2.5" 256GB SSD

This is a new computer I have built 3 days ago. It was running fine for the past 2 days but last night, I left the computer on and when I got up, the computer had the message, "No bootable device is detected. System will enter the BIOS Setup Utility." I went into BIOS and saw that my computer was not detecting my SSD. I rebooted the computer, Windows 7 loaded up and it froze within 30 seconds. Rebooted the computer again, no bootable device. I went into Bios and I did no see my ssd in there. Rebooted the computer, went in to bios, it's there.

My first thought was that maybe it's a faulty SSD or has bad connection. I tried connecting my ssd on a different port, that did not work. I tried using a different cable, same result.

motherboard and ssd has the latest firmwares.

I tried searching around as well.
SSD is set as AHCI
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  1. Is there a OS installed on it?
  2. of course, I was just playing dota 2 yesterday
  3. Happens to me sometimes. Usually have to replug cables.
  4. I have already done that 3 times. I'll try it again though...
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