Cannot Update to P8P67 1503 Bios

Dear folks,

I'm running Win 7 Pro 64 on a P8P67-regular, Rev 3.1. It came installed with Bios 1502. I've tried installing the latest update. With AI Suite II, all three servers returned a message like "unsuitable image file" or "rom image not matched." I downloaded the file onto a FAT32 USB stick and did not rename the file. I tried AI Suite again with the same result. I then tried the EZ Flash Utility, which returned "image integrity check failed."

Some people obviously have 1503 installed, so what might be going on?

Chris in Virginia
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  1. I haven't got anything that may help but I feel your pain as I've got the Rev 3.0 version of that board and can't get it to revert back to an older BIOS.
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