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AM3 Sempron(Unlocked 2nd core) vs.Athlon 7850

I have an Asus 785 Chipset MoBo and A Semprone 140 that I was able to unlock the 2nd core. On a whim, I just bought an AM2+ Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition. I wonder if this older 65nm chip will ber noticably better than the 45nm Sempron.... This proc will arrive in 3 days from New Egg. Anyone have any expierence or input? This Processor was only 42.99 and I thought it would be an interesting comparison.
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  1. The unlocked Sempron will be faster then the 7850. THe Sempron 140 was built on the same core the Athlon II uses so your unlocked Sempron is basically the same as an Athlon II x2. I would return that 7850 the first gen Athlon x2s were garbage IMO.
  2. I only got the 7850 cause you could possibly unlock the other 2 disabled cores..
    It is a first Generation Phenom chip with 2 cores disabled.
    \\\\\\and it had L3 cache..If I were ot unlock the cores I would imagine it would be faster than my Sempron Unlocked(Athlon X2).
    Do you not agree with this asumption?

  3. For gaming the Sempron unlocked to an Athlon will perform much better if you can get a decent clock speed with it. The first Gen Phenom\Athlons were crap and were very slow compared to the second generation. The faster newer dual core is better then the old quad in some things especially gaming unless the game can actually use more then two cores then the quad may have a slight advantage but not by much.,8447.html


    Those unlocked semprons have been known to hit mid 3 ghz with little trouble.
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    I think the Kuma might kick that Sempy around quite a bit - especially with an OC to 3.2GHz or so (kick the IMC/NB up to 2200MHz). Performance per Watt will not be that great -- but you have an unlocked multiplier plus the opportunity to unlock those cores.

    For $43 it's a steal; unlocked to a quad, even better. The original Phenoms are quite 'spunky' when you get them to 3GHz and up.
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