Necessary cables for build

What cables are packaged in the box of a typical motherboard?

Are there any recommended SATA cables? What length?

What additional cables would you typically need to order when putting together a new build?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. usually all your cables will come with the actual component, like most HDDs will come with SATA and power cables, mobos come with sata, and power cables etc etc.

    so you shouldn't really worry about the cables, but if you do find yourself missing one, they are available on newegg pretty cheap
  2. Most SATA cables tend to do the same job, 'better' ones tend to have a negligable improvement to performance. Motherboards tend to come with at least a pair of SATA 2 cables to get you started. Depending on how expensive and luxurious your choice of motherboard was you could get more than that and others including cable ties etc.

    I've generally ordered parts for a computer (both cheap ones and expensive ones) and have never had to seperately order cables as all are generally provided.
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    An oem hard drive will not come with cables. It will be just a bare hard drive well wrapped - if you are lucky - in bubblewrap.

    Most boxed motherboards do come with at least two SATA cables and one IDE cable. My last two motherboards did not come with a floppy drive cable.

    An "open box" may be missing some or all accessories.
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