Asus pce-n13

Hello everyone!

I have a computer using the mentioned wireless adaptor and I am not very happy with the strength of signal, range and everything.

At the moment the modem / router in my house is about 15 meters (and 3 walls) and I am amazed at how at the same range and position and even a lot further away, my macbook gets "5 bars strenght" and the asus pce-n13 in my desktop pc struggles to even show the home network.
Also, the little macbook sees another 5-6 networks whereas the desktop computer dont see more than one (not the one in my house)

Is this normal with this adapter? should I RMA it or accept its low quality?
I have used it succesfully before to connect to a wireless network that was about 8 meters (one wall) altough I rarely got 5 bars full strenght signal and in this case the little laptop would always get better signal and find more networks.

I have installed and reinstalled all drivers etc... but I will be very happy to do it again if you guys think it will work.

THanks in advance for the help!
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  1. I think I would ask the dealer or Asus what's going on.

    Meanwhile change the position of the computer in case the antenna is being obscured by your body -- after all it may be mounted differently to that in the Mac.
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