Graphic card compatible with palit n73v

this is gaurang from india
my current config is
mobo- palit n73v
proc-intel c2d 2.93 GHz
onboard g c-geforce 7050
smps 300w

currently i am playing games like battlefield2,prince of persia , fifa10, nfs carbon .
I will be playing crysis, street fighter 4,etc.

I wanted to know if ati card is compatible with the mobo .
Pls reccomend a good gpu under 7000inr
1usd equals 45inr approx

do i need to change my smps
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  1. What about your monitor? resolution?

    If you don't want to change your smps then HD5670 2.0 version is a good card ($90-$100) for low resolution.

    If you change your smps with 500W PSU ($40-$50) then you will be great with HD5770 2.0 version ($160-$170) for high resolution.
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