5770 Normal load temps?

I have a 5770, and Im wondering if these temps are normal.

Ambient Temperature: 25C

Idle: 47-50C
Load: 67-73C
100% FULL LOAD: 80C

So with an ambient temp that is 25C, are these temps normal?
Its the hottest part of the summer haha... in the winter my house is like 17-20C.

Heres something weird..

GMOD makes my card almost go on full load and made my card hit 80C for a second...
but Dirt 2 with DX11 is in the 60Cs zone!
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  1. Thats alright, not great, but not bad, its load temp is quite reasonable.
  2. Well, again the ambient temp is like 25-26C...
    This is all with letting CCC do automatic fan control too.
    The fan only goes above 50% speed at 70+
  3. Just like hunter said above, your temps are good, no need to worry about that... :)
  4. my friend had temperature issues with his card (nvidia) so he took it out and stuck a computer duster in there and a massive cloud of dust came out, no problem after that XD
  5. I just built my PC 3 days ago... Its not dust.

    TBH I think its because by ambient temperature is 26-27C

    I can't wait to see what my temps will be like this fall... when the ambient temps are 20C and below.
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