Any floppy & HDD converter?

Any floppy & HDD converter?

Machine: Desktop Acer Aspire M5700

HDD and DVD on this mother board are all SATA.
There is an IDE socket (34 pin) on the mother board for floppy drive.

Is it possible to utilize this 34-pin-socket for installing a 40-pin-IDE hard drive?
Any device for this setting?

Thank you.
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  1. NO. The are not even close to being compatible

    You can however get a SATA to IDE converter to use an IDE drive on SATA.

    Something like this. just to give an idea, the link is what google gave me :)

    The same thing can also be purchased with USB(and External). Again, What Google gives me

    Always set IDE drives to MASTER to use any of these adapters as Slave and CS tend to to work.
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