Memory slot colors and mixing in HP 180t

I have a HP E 180t .Pegatron Truckee Motherboard. X58. i7 930 2.8ghz Socket 1366. I have installed 12 GB(3x4) of Corsair DDR3 1333 10666 triple channel in the blue slots. I have 3 black slots open . Can I also reinstall 3 -2GB of the origonal Kingston PC3 10600 DDR3 of the 9 GB(?) it came with? It runs well and fast with the new 12GB installed. Does it matter where I place the larger sticks in the blue or black slots?. I see where it says to read the MB manual, but don`t have it . I would end up with 18 MB. Is this a good configuration for my computer? Thanks
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  1. First off, That is one epic motherboard.
    Anyways. It does not matter which sets of what channels go in what slots. Although it's more common people put larger sets in the blues.
    As long as the timings/voltages are the same between the Corsairs and kingstons, you should not have any trouble installing the other 6 gigs of memory (you have not specified whether it is a triple channel or not, so i'm assuming it is, feel free to correct me if it is not)

    So yeah, check the timings/voltages between the corsairs and Kingstons. If they are the same, then it should work fine!

    Good Luck.
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