Storing MP3s on SSD bad?

Hi All,

Simple question - I've always heard it's best to leave non-system stuff off of the SSD (assuming a larger secondary storage HDD), to extend the lifespan of the SSD.

That being said, will storing and constantly running my MP3's off of my SSD affect the lifespan of the SSD much at all? I'm going to guess no... since it probably loads each MP3 into RAM in just a split second. But I just want to make sure.

Reason I ask... I am debating whether to get an internal HDD or external HDD for storage.

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  1. The only thing that i've heard is that attempting to defragment an SSD drive is going kill it's lifespan. Haven't heard anything about any media files affecting ssd at all. People have mostly been complaining about firmware issues in regards to SSD.
  2. My understanding was that for things where you don't care so much about loading times (media, storing images, etc.) it's best to put it away from the SSD, as the more you read/write from the SSD, the quicker its lifespan goes.
  3. Not that storing media on an SSD is bad, just pointless.
    Movies, files, music and such doesn't benefit from the extra speed and is often large, so why put it on the small amount of fast storage you have?

    An SSD does degrade over time due to read/write cycles (which is why you dont defrag it), but modern SSD's have redundancies built in and software like TRIM to extend the lifespan. By the time the SSD used up all its read/writes, it will be long obsolete.

    Internal HDD for storage. Much faster and cheaper than external.
  4. writing to the SSD is limited but reading, such as listening to music, is not.
  5. Apart from taking precious space away, no.

    Erase and writing is what hurts SSD. But after thorough testing, it was determined to be almost impossible to I wear the SSD with erase and write under normal use.

    Reading SSD won't wear it. SSD that reach it's erase write cycle limit can still be read. Just no more erasing and writing.
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