HELP PLEASE!!!! im working on a ECS p4 mod:l4vxa2,when i boot cpu it says Award Boot Block Bios v1.0

BIOS ROM checksum error

detecting floppy drive a media...
drive a error. System halt

how do i start command prompt mouse & keyboard do nothing
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  1. That is an old board that may have a dead battery or may be dead altogether. Try clear CMOS jumper or just remove the battery for 5 seconds. Sounds like a corrupted BIOS so a clear CMOS may help. If that does not fix it it may be a brick.
  2. Corrupt bios, replace battery with power cable removed and when it boots up, go into bios and choose safe/default settings, save and exit.

    If it works, now changes your bios settings to the optimal settings for your config.
  3. thank you! i will try your suggestions a.s.a.p. will tell you how it went later
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