New build for office use

Hi everyone,

Need your comments on the rig.
Primary is office usage, microsoft office and general web surfing, dual screen.
This should be able to last for the next 3 years and upgradable ram capacity.

Motherboard - MSI H55M-E33
Processor - Intel Core i3-530
Memory - Team Elite DDR3 1333 2x2GB kit
Graphics - onboard
System HDD - WD blue 320GB sata
Optical - Samsung SHS223F
Case - Coolermaster Elite 310 full black
PSU - Sensonic M1211 520W
3x 120mm fan
2x Samsung E2020XH

Someone mentioned Phenom 2 X4 635 instead, cheap and quad core.
Power consumption seems high for AMD compared to i3.

Any comments or recommendation is appreciated.
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  1. $259AR

    I would think you could get by with an AthlonII X2 actually but since the top up is small...
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