I have asus p658 E WS motherboar and im trying to conect a ssd sata 6G iget mess

I have a asus p6 x58 E WS motherboard and I just buy a samsung 830 128gb ssd drive sata 6gb and I connected and when windows star this appears Marvell bios setup pres Carl m and I try to remove this and I don't know how.
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  1. The message should just show up and then go away. If you wanted to do RAID(2 drives[because you only have 2 of those ports :) ] working together for speed or data redundancy) Then you would use the control + M thing.

    Just make sure the controller is set to AHCI(With the Marvel controller, you may not even have to do that.) in the bios and you will be good to go.

    Most boards will just show you the drives on startup.
  2. It these show just like 5 second there is any way I can stop the messenger to do the RAID I need to have 2 ssd the same like 2 Samsung 830 128gb sata lll Because if I run the ssd in 3G it would show the messeger and windows would star faster should I got for the 6g or 3G I also have another 120 ssd. The only run in 3G and Seagate 1.5 TB hd hard Drive in 3G also
  3. The drives should be the same for RAID.

    Raid 1 keeps a copy of everything on both drives so 2 x 120 gigabyte drives gives you 120 gigabytes

    (R)AID0(with the brackets on the R because it lacks the redundancy) spits read/write operations across both(or even more) drives to improve read/write speeds. This results in 240 gigs for 2 120gig drives.

    Access times remain generally unaffected.

    One word of warning of RAID with SSDs is the the drive has to have its own garbage collection(most new ones do). With normal use and only one drive, Windows Vista/7/8 should send the drive a TRIM command to tell it that data is no longer in use(deleted. Hard drives just over write while SSD's have to erase then write), while in RAID the drives own firmware has to deal with this. Without proper background garbage collection, SSDs can loose performance as they fill up or gets used over time. This should mostly apply to older drives, but I figure its a good idea to let you know about it.

    They have other levels of raid as well, but I just list what that Marvel controller has.

    As far as 6 gigabit/sec vs 3 gigabit/sec. The difference is quite large in sequential read/writes. SSDs are very fast to begin with so on either controller(Intel or Marvel) things should be quite fast(due to SSD access times).

    SATA is backwards compatible, so you should be able to use either port for the SSD, but remember for SSD's you should use AHCI mode for the SATA ports.

    I do not know of any day to remove the message as it waits to give you a chance to setup RAID if needed.
  4. Right now I just have 1 ssd the works with 6g I need to get one more to run both in raid I'm goin to install windows in sata 6g to see if works fine if I don't like how it works I'm goin to move the sata 6g to 3G and have my 3 drives in 3G I think this is the best I can do.
  5. Once you set up raid on the Marvel ports, you can not move them to the Intel ones. So you have to just see what works best for you and set it once.

    You may not gain much from RAID with SSDs being so fast anyway.
  6. Ok thank you so much this really help me
  7. Any time.

    Stick around here and you will learn lots :)
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