Can i connect - to + connectors???

can i connect - to + front panel connectors for example hdd led - + and my mobo is + - ???
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  1. Hooking up a led backwards won't damage it, but it won't light up either. If the light doesn't turn on when it should, just flip the connection.
  2. Yes you can, the LEDs have this annoying habit of not working in one direction and working only in the other(Since they are Diodes), but since most manufacturers of Cases and Mobo's vary when it comes to naming the + & - terminals correctly it's always very confusing when you match the + to + and the lights still don't come on.
    Well, as long as they only the LED terminals or the Power and Reset switches, I don't see any harm from reversing the polarity.
    It can and usually works.....
  3. soo if i connect my hdd led in - + to + - it wont damage my board?? it will power up???
  4. Yes, It won't damage your board and will power up. Just be careful when you flip the + & - you don't end up twisting the connectors around one another or you'll end up with a short..... :)
  5. last question it will light up???if i connect - + to + -
  6. and how to identify if is - or + connector
  7. It really doesn't make that much of a difference, the HDD LED contact pins on the Mobo should have a small print on the Mobo beneath the pins saying + & -. Usually the White wire is the - and the colored wire is the +. So in case you have the Mobo manual you can find the exact pins on the Mobo to put them onto.
  8. thx
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