ATI 5850 + 500w (generic?) PSU

So I'm planning to upgrade my current rig, i5-750 CPU , 4GB RAM, ATI 5770, and get the 5850 instead of the 5770, because I will sell the 5770 to a friend. What I am worried about is whether my PSU will handle the new card... I didn't know what a PSU is until recently :P. I have a HuntKey case (some Chinese company) so I'm assuming I also have a Huntkey PSU, and I think the guy at the store told me it was 500w. Is that too bad quality to handle the 5850? I don't live in the US, and neither in the EU, so I didn't really have a selection when selecting the PSU....sorry.... and I don't understand at all about these things....

So what do you guys think? Thanks in advance
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  1. Huntkey? never heard before...
    What it's amperage on each rails? how much you bought it? tell us that first...
  2. Sorry guys, as I said I'm not much of an expert in this, I guess it came with the case....I have no clue about the amperage, or the rails, or anything else :??: , and I'm not sure I can check all this. I was hoping you guys can use your uber skillz and tell me just with how many watts and which company, but I guess I'll see an expert about it if it is not enough info.

    Anyone happen to know/ be reasonably sure nonetheless?
  3. If you'll remove the psu, on the side of it there is a sticker which gives off all the info including rails and amps. Just give us the info on the side.
  4. 500W should be enough to power it, but it might be a good idea to buy a new PSU at 550W+ from a respected brand such as Corsair. Obviously it will depend on your budget and if you have cash available for a new PSU.
  5. Don't risk it, the minimum requirement is 500W or greater, however huntkey isn't a quality brand and probably isn't capable of outputting 500W continuously.

    I wouldn't follow dipankar's advice, Coolermaster are only slightly better than generic, I had a Coolermaster Real power 700W which struggled with a HD5850.

    Get either Corsair, PC power and cooling, seasonic, OCZ, Antec.... I would recommend going a little over 500W, perhaps 550 or 600W just so you can add other components and be more future proof.
  6. Kingwin is also a fairly good psu, which up until now was a very expensive psu. But this psu is 600 w and modular so you can get better ventilation and remove power pieces you don't need.
  7. Quote:
    buy a good psu.a 600 watt coolermaster extreme power is all u need.avoid generic crap.

    dude nvr recommend that retarded psu to any one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hav it and it is not good for high end graphics....................reason...............just 18A on one 12V rail !!!!!!!!!!!
    that sucks.........doesnt it ???!!!!
    + just 70% efficiency...............

    chk this..................frm test 17...............voltage regulation fails on 19A & + !!!!!!!!!!
  8. Agree with omg, get a trusted brand like Corsair, ANtec, OCZ, Seasonic, SilverStone with 500W minimum, bigger is better, it's good for a long term... :)
  9. wa1 said:
    Agree with omg, get a trusted brand like Corsair, ANtec, OCZ, Seasonic, SilverStone with 500W minimum, bigger is better, it's good for a long term... :)

    +1 !!!!!
    completely agreed !!!!!!!!
    nvr buy CM PSUs !!!!!!!
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