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Why is my computer reporting that my Sapphire HD 5770 has approx total memory of 2806 when its a 1gig card?
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  1. Some system memory is also dedicated to graphics too, though not often used. That's what I was told.
  2. it could be taking into account your integrated graphics chip, you did turn it off in BIOS right?
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    I have a 5970 and software like GPU-Z show it as a 2GB card,whereas windows DXdiag tool reports the approximate total memory of 3807MB(because of shared video memory) , i remember that with my older cards it was the same(DXdiag always showed more video RAM)
    I don't think you can disable it(the shared video memory),unless you have an integrated card which can be disabled from the BIOS
  4. Do I want to disable my onboard graphics card? Is it really a necessity?
  5. if everything is working fine then its not a necessity. it can cause issues in some motherboards
  6. Right^
    Sometimes it may cause trouble,(have seen some users reporting it) but if its working fine for you,then there is no need to disable it
  7. Yea, I have an AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor with an Asus M4A78T-E motherboard and it's been working great with no problems since I installed it yesterday. This video card is like 10 steps up from my 3300 HD onboard card. I ran that Windows Experience Index and my 3300hd scored a 4.7. This new card scored a 7.5 out of 7.9. Now the only thing I need to replace is my hard drive which scores a 5.7. Any suggestions for a nice cheap but fast hard drive? :P
  8. most had drives score just 5.9. unless you are dying for a SSD drive or your current HDD is having issues/maxed out I would not worry about it.
  9. WEI isn't a good way to determine your performance, don't worry about the scores.
    Every time i upgrade my system, i always get a score like 5.7-5.9 for my HDD.(For each upgrade, i put a faster HDD in my system but the score doesn't change much)
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