Upgrading performance

Hey !!
I have to options to improve the performance of my Pc .
But first of all .. here's the specs of my Comp. :

Msi p45-8d
4GB DDR2 800Mhz Ram
Intel C2Q 9550 2.83Ghz
ATI HD4850X2 2GB
WD 500 GB 32MB buffer
PSU > 650W thermaltake Toughpower

Ok here's my first option :
Overclocking My Cpu to 3.4Ghz With the Coolmaster v10

My second option :
get a G.skill SSD Pheonix Pro With a Coolmaster V8

If there are any other options out there tell me about them .
I basically want to improve the loading speed in games and I'm a multitasker .
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Go with the second option(You can OC your CPU this way too),and a SSD will significantly reduce your load/boot times.
  2. Both will improve performance, most noticeably the hard drive. Everything goes through the hard drive so obviously that will make a big difference.

    With this cooler, you should be able to hit that 3.4 mark and it is 30.00 cheaper than the v8.
  3. Then go for the Second option. You'll still be able to overclock on air and the SSD will really give you the juice for the Multitasking.....
  4. Thx For the Replies .. Then I guess I'll be taking the second option ... and I'll try to overclock my cpu and check the temps if they aren't so bad I'll keep it overclocked .
  5. Remember to clean the old thermal paste from your Processor before you place your new V8 on it..... or you will run into temperature issues later on... :)
  6. Ok Thx for the Reminder :D
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