Biostar ta790gx 128m memory install problem

I was running 2 x 1 GB Mushkin RAM #996527 sticks and the computer ran perfect. I just ordered an additional pair of the same RAM from Mushkin to boost the computer memory up to 4 GB. The new pair was installed in the two extra DIMM slots on the TA790GX 128M Biostar board and now the system won't boot up. Once I remove additional pair, the computer boots up again. Anyone can help solve this problem? Is there a setting that has to be changed? The specs of the memory are: 5-5-5-12 PC2-6400 DDR2
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  1. have you tested each of the memory sticks with memtest86?
  2. Emerald said:
    have you tested each of the memory sticks with memtest86?

    I have not yet. However, when all four sticks are installed, I am only able to get into the Biostar Bios set up screen. It detects all 4 memory sticks and reads 4,096 mb of RAM. Although, it causes a conflict with the hard disk drive nor boot. I saw in the help FAQs on Biostar's website for another model board to try crossing the memory sticks by splitting the pairs one new in Dimm 1, one old in Dimm 2, etc. Will this maybe work?
  3. are the old and new pair exactly the same?

    does the system boot with only the new pair installed?
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