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I'm working on a Dell optiplx gx280 and the cd-rom will not open. It makes a sound like the tray wants to open but it seems it lacks the juice. I swapped the stock cd-rom with a different one thinking it was a shot drive, and the same problem occured. I'm perplexed. I reseated all connections and the problem persists. Any ideas?

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  1. Hook it up to a different PSU? If that fixes it you have your problem, the PSU has out of spec voltage.
  2. Yes, they work in different machines. Is there a solution to this aside from replacing the PSU?
  3. Well, you could try a different molex connector, but the PSU is probably causing system instability at this point.
  4. Interesting, I just tested voltage on the molex cable connected to the drive. 5v wire is running normal, but is 11.80v for the 12v wire underpowered enough to affect performance?
  5. It should not be, however the voltage could be sagging under load or there could be excessive ripple. I don't think ripple would cause a motor to struggle that much but I'm no engineer.

    This is a standard CD-rom drive that you are trying to open by pressing a button on the drive itself, right?

    Does the drive open before the OS boots? will it open right after the PC POSTs? If So it could actually be a software issue, something loading that is keeping the drive spinning.

    Or how about this simpler method. Will it open if you disconnect the data cable?
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