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Recently built a solid rig for the first time and things actually went pretty smoothly. I recently OCed my i7 930 to 4.2 ghz, temps are excellent with Noct NH-D14 (~mid-40s idle, mid-70s load, 21 ambient), and everything is generally performing quite well.

One strange issue though: when I power on my computer, single beep from speaker, it will load the Gigabyte screen, then a normal prompt loading screen, then the whole computer restarts. Then, without me doing anything, it powers up again, loads Windows, and everything is perfectly fine. Computer does not restart under stress, it never takes more that one restart during the initial power-up phase, and literally nothing else is wrong.

Since I have a nice SSD, I really don't mind the extra boot as it only takes like 10 more seconds, but I'm wondering if there's a setting or something else that might contribute to this issue. I really don't think it's a loose PSU cord or hardware issue as my computer's behavior is 100% consistent with the one restart.

Going to go back to stock frequency when I get home and see if it still happens.
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  1. My DFI boards do that on high OCs on boot AFTER I switch off the PSU power button (or disconnect the power cord). I accept it as normal for BIOS settings (FSB and voltages) that are much higher than stock.
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